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Welcome to Automated Clinical Guideline's (ACG) We offer this free service to help individual create and store medical records on their personal computer or mobile devices.  No more filling out endless forms for each doctor you visit or trying to remember medications and surgeries, especially in emergency situations.

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Try iMHR (iMHR) is a medical records-keeping application that allows participants to answer questions about their medical history from an anonymous electronic questionnaire. The results are used to create a complete individual medical health record. You retain complete control of these records: your iMHR can be stored securely on your personal computer or mobile device. At your discretion, this information can be easily and accurately shared with your medical providers.



Your privacy and the security of your health information are important to us!

ACG does not collect, store, or disseminate any personal information about those who use our site.


About Automated Clinical Guidelines (ACG)


ACG is a healthcare knowledge-management IT firm specializing in clinical documentation and payor guidance. Our products are developed by physicians and clinical trial experts to be delivered by web-based technology that is EMR/EHR independent and mobile centric. ACG products are presently being tested in physician and hospital environments, delivering high quality and efficient results.

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What people are saying about our products:

  • "ACG helps doctors and hospitals take better care of their patients with less paperwork and delays while getting paid fairly for their effort."
  • From a neurosurgeon..."ACG is a GPS that guides the doctor on how to get paid."
  • International healthcare corporation..."ACG is a new system that automatically guides doctors and nurses to provide and document good care for patients."

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